Luowice Audio Wireless Security Camera System with 11” Monitor 960p 4CH Home Video Surveillance System Built in 1TB Hard Drive Indoor and Outdoor Waterproof HD CCTV Wifi Cameras with IR Night Vision
Alarms & Surveillance

Luowice Audio Wireless Security Camera System with 11” Monitor 960p 4CH Home Video Surveillance System Built in 1TB Hard Drive Indoor and Outdoor Waterproof HD CCTV Wifi Cameras with IR Night Vision

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  • 【All-in-One】 4 channel WiFi NVR kit with built-in 11" Monitor with 1TB Hard Drive, cameras auto pair, live view & video playback with audio
  • 【Plug & Play】Just plug in power, and you can see the cameras live view on the monitor within seconds.
  • 【Mobile/Pad/PC Live View & Playback】Connect the NVR to your router to get it online. Download APP/PC client to your phone/pad/PC. Input the NVR’s cloud ID on the APP/PC client, and then you can live view or playback the videos stored in the HDD via your phone/pad/PC anytime anywhere.
  • 【Email Alert & Expandable Storage Capacity】Support email alert function to push snapshots when motion is detected. 1TB hard drive is pre-installed and support up to 7 days high quality videos and the system will overwrite the oldest record automatically to ensure continuous recording.
  • 【Warranty & Customer Support】1 Year Warranty; Tech support available via Skype (Luowice Tech Support) or email ( Call (+8618925022365) available in Pacific Time (6:00am-11:00am 20:00pm- 24:00pm). Our Customer support team will respond within 12 hours.

Product Description


1. Luowice Wireless Security Camera System with builit-in monitor supports audio function.
The default setting is that: the system shows the sound picked up by the camera on Channel 1. If you want to check the sound of other channels, please use the mouse to left click on the live image of a specific channel. And then the system will show the sound from the channel you chosen
Please kindly note that each time there is only one channel's sound will be shown to avoid sound interfering from other channels. 

2. Wireless means that the signal is transferred between the cameras and the monitor in a wireless way. There is no need to connect network cable between the cameras and the monitor.

Very Important Note:
1. Both cameras and the monitor have to be plugged in power outlet with a wire to gain power supply. Batteries are not applicable.
2. This system can add up to 4 cameras only. No extra cameras can be added to because there is no spare channels. If you need a system with more channels to add more than 4 cameras to, you may consider our 8 channel system, which is available from:


All-in-one Wi-Fi Auto Pair System with Long Wi-Fi Range plus Further Wi-Fi Boost Technology.

Wi-Fi Auto Pair System

User-friendly Setup within Minutes

  • Plug the power cords on the cameras and the NVR, live videos will show on the screen within minutes.
  • Connect the NVR with your router via a network cable. And then remote view & video playback are available.

Long Wi-Fi Range

The NVR has built-in router to let video signals transfer between the cameras and the NVR wirelessly.
  • In open space without obstacles, the WIFI range is up to 1,000 feet.
  • In space with one wall between the camera and the NVR, the WIFI range is up to 300 feet.

Extend WIFI Range via Repeater Mode
  • Apply the repeater mode to double/triple the WIFI range up to 3000 feet.
  • -Each camera works as a transmitter to transfer signals from the further camera to the NVR.
  • The repeater mode works the best when the cameras and the NVR are in a straight line. 



Easy remote view via phone, tablet and PC. Advanced Audio & Video Live View and Recording. No Missing of Any Important Information.

Easy Remote View

  • Support live view/video playback via phone/tablet/PC.
  • Support iOS & Android phone, but not Windows phone.
  • Support Windows PC & Mac system.

Advanced Audio & Video Live View and Recording
  • All cameras are with built-in pickups for audio function.
  • Audio & video live view and playback are applicable on phone, tablet and laptop.
  • An external speaker has to be connected to a PC to apply the audio function.
  • The NVR has no built-in speaker, nor interface to connect a speaker. Thus, audio function is not applicable for the NVR.



All-year-round Video Recording and Video Playback with Fast Forward Function to Know What Happened within A Short Time.

Western Digital 1TB HDD for Video Recording

  • Qualified WD drive to ensure continuous recording.
  • 1TB supports up to 30 days recording. If you need more, you can replace the HDD with a 4TB one.
  • Support time scheduled recording & motion triggered recording.
  • The system will automatically overwrite the oldest record when the HDD storage is full to ensure continous recording.

Fast Forward Video Playback
  • Support up to 32X fast forward video playback to know what happened with a short time.
  • Video playback via phone/tablet/PC anywhere anytime.
  • Video playback via phone/tablet supports up to 1X speed.
  • Video playback via Laptop/PC supports up to 8X speed.
  • Video playback via the NVR supports up to 32X speed.



Smart Motion Detection and Email Alerts with Snapshots. IP66 Weatherproof Cameras for Indoor and Outdoor Use, with Night Vision up to 100ft.

Sensitive Motion Detection

  • Motion detection is triggered by the changing of lightning.
  • Support drawing grid to set up detecting zone to enhance the detection accuracy.
  • Support three alert modes: Buzz from NVR/Pushing Text to the APP/Pushing Snapshots to Email.
  • Three snapshots will be sent to the email once motion is detected.

Camera Specifications
  • HD 1.3 Megapixel, 960P
  • Hi-Gain Antenna
  • 2 cameras with 4MM lens for wider view; 2 cameras with 6MM lens for longer view.
  • 18 pieces micro crystal lamps support IR distance up to 100ft night vision
  • IP66 weatherproof for indoor/outdoor use
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n
NVR Specifications
  • Built-in 11" monitor with 1TB HDD
  • HD 1080P resolution
  • Support up to 4 cameras
  • Real time live view & 4CH sync-playback
  • Compatible with 1 SATA 3.5" HDD, up to 4TB
  • Support digital zoom function

Package includes:
  • 1X 4CH NVR with Built-in Monitor and 1TB HDD
  • 4X Cameras
  • 4X Screws Packs
  • 1X 12V 2A Power Adapter (10ft)
  • 4X 12V 1A Power Adapters (10ft)
  • 2X Hexagon screwdrivers
  • 1X Extension Antenna
  • 1X 3ft Network Cable
  • 1X Mouse
  • 1X User Guide

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